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Aida Salyanova deprived of parliament deputy seat

Member of Ata Meken parliamentary faction Aida Salyanova is no longer a deputy of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan. Today, the Central Election Commission prematurely canceled her mandate.

The Central Election Commission adopted a resolution on the termination of the deputy powers of Aida Salyanova on the basis of the verdict of the Leninsky District and Bishkek City Courts.

According to the verdict of the courts, Aida Salyanova was found guilty of abuse of office. According to the prosecution, being the Minister of Justice, in 2010 she illegally renewed the lawyer’s license to Aleksey Eliseev. Aida Salyanova was sentenced to five years in prison with a delay in the execution of the court’s decision for 12 years, till her youngest daughter turns 14.

Instead of Aida Salyanova, the ex-head of the Central Election Commission Klara Kabilova (Gulnara-Clara Samat) should come to Parliament. In 2008, she left Kyrgyzstan, saying that the son of ex-president of Kyrgyzstan Maxim Bakiyev threatened her with death.