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Transportation of goods within EEU becomes cheaper for Kyrgyzstan

Transportation of goods within the Eurasian Economic Union became cheaper for Kyrgyzstan. The Eurasian Economic Commission reported.

According to EEC press service, a single tariff for the transportation of goods by rail from Kyrgyzstan to other EEU countries through Kazakhstan was introduced in December 2017. This made it possible to remove one more obstacle in the Eurasian economic space and was the result of a constructive dialogue between the two countries of the union.

In addition, in November 2017, the EEU court adopted an advisory decision, according to which a single tariff should be applied in accordance with the Agreement on EEU in the implementation of such transportations. Earlier, despite the precepts of the EEU law, the transportation of goods by rail between member states and certain regions of Kyrgyzstan through the territory of Kazakhstan was carried out at higher rates of the transit tariff.

According to Karine Minasyan, a member of the Board on Information Technologies, Information and Communication Technologies of EEC, the decision of the Government of Kazakhstan was another step towards the formation of a barrier-free economic space and the implementation of the principle of «four freedoms,» allowing free movement of goods, services, capital and labor throughout the entire territory of the EEU.