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Terrorists organized attacks on New Year holidays in CIS

Terrorist attacks were prepared on New Year holidays in CIS countries. Press service of the State Committee for National Security reported.

The members of the committee received information about a special sabotage and terrorist group of one of the international terrorist organizations in Syria, whose members were sent to the CIS countries for the commissioning of terrorist attacks during the New Year holidays.

The anti-terrorist unit of the State National Security Committee of Kyrgyzstan in cooperation with partners in November-December identified individual members of this group.

On December 27, a citizen of one of the CIS countries was detained. He gave confessions about involvement in terrorist activities, participation in fighting as part of bandit formations of international terrorism against Syrian government troops and about the mine explosive training.

Having received an order from the leaders of the ITO, he crossed the Syrian-Turkish border with the goal of subsequent entry into Russia.