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Police interrogate ex-mufti of Kyrgyzstan

The ex-head of the Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of Kyrgyzstan was taken to the police station and interrogated. Lawyer of Chubak azhi Zhalilov, Akin Toktaliev, told journalists.

According to him, law enforcement officers brought Chubak azhi Zhalilov from Issyk-Kul region. He underwent treatment there.

The ex-mufti has been interrogated for six hours.

Akin Toktaliev also said that Chubak azhi Zhalilov was banned to leave the country. He intended to go to Almaty for treatment, but the border guards did not let him pass through Ak-Zhol checkpoint, noting that the police are searching for Chubak azhi Zhalilov.

Chubak azhi Zhalilov publicly confessed to the commission of a criminal offense. A video was posted in the social network, where the former mufti, answering the viewer’s question live, admitted that he had married for the second time. Polygamy confession caused a wide public response.

«I did not divorce my first wife. She’s a little hurt now, but she has the right to feel offended. I married a 30-year-old widow with a child who lived in Turkey. I do not hide it from anyone. In accordance with tradition, I asked for a hand of my second wife with my parents and performed all the ceremonies. I advise the rest of the women: let your husbands take a second wife. Our women leave for Russia, Turkey, China, where they are subjected to humiliation. Better let the men who have the opportunity to feed one more family marry and keep them,» Chubak azhi Zhalilov said.

Later, the ex-head of the Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims Kyrgyzstan told journalists how he blessed the second marriage of deputies of the Parliament and other respected people. According to him, he confessed to bigamy in order the second wife was not afraid to go out with him into the street and that she was not mistaken for his mistress. The former head of the SDMK stated that he had conducted nikah rituals with the second wives for many famous people in Kyrgyzstan, there were politicians among them.