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Ex-mufti confesses to committing criminal offense - bigamy

Chubak azhi Zhalilov, ex-mufti of Kyrgyzstan, publicly confessed to committing a criminal offense. Daniyar Aitman wrote about this on Facebook.

A video, where the former mufti, answering the viewer’s question during the live broadcasting, admitted that he has married for the second time was posted in the social network.

«I did not divorce my first wife. She’s a little hurt now, but she has the right to feel offended. I married a 30-year-old widow with a child who lived in Turkey. I do not hide it from anyone. In accordance with tradition, I asked for a hand of my second wife with my parents and performed all the ceremonies. I advise the rest of the women: let your husbands take a second wife. Our women leave for Russia, Turkey, China, where they are subjected to humiliation. Better let the men who have the opportunity to feed one more family marry and keep them,» Chubak azhi Zhalilov said.

According to blogger Daniyar Aitman, the former mufti is killing a secular state. «This is his challenge to the Constitution, a challenge to the secular state, a challenge to the entire civil society! By his statement, Zhalilov wants to show that he spits on secular laws and women’s rights, on the Criminal Code and the Constitution. Zhalilov wants to show that in Kyrgyzstan, the Constitution is not the first, but the Koran,» Daniyar Aitman states.

The Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic has Article 153 on bigamy and polygamy. It says that bigamy or polygamy, that is, cohabitation with two or more women with keeping a common household, is punishable by imprisonment for up to two years.