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Kyrgyzstan’s customs: Kazakhstan cites incorrect statistics on imports

Kazakhstan cites incorrect statistics on imports. Chairman of the State Customs Service of Kyrgyzstan Azamat Sulaimanov said at the meeting of the parliamentary committee on economic and fiscal policy of the Parliament.

 Deputy Aisuluu Mamashova asked him to explain why the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan accused Kyrgyzstan of smuggling and why the statistics vary.

 According to Azamat Sulaimanov, Bakytzhan Sagintayev cited incorrect statistics. "Before joining the Eurasian Economic Union, Kyrgyzstan imported much more than now. He took the figures, based on China's data. We use a cost indicator, since there is no mirror statistics," he explained.

 Aisuluu Mamashova noted that the report indicated the average price for a cell phone - $ 30. "Are you sure that all cellular phones imported to Kyrgyzstan are bought for this price? We are accused of smuggling, and you are not doing anything," she said.

 "Smuggling is an incorrect word," the customs official objected. "Unreliable declaring is more correct."