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Sergey Ponomarev: Situation on border is political issue

Goods from Kyrgyzstan were destroyed in Kazakhstan because of non-compliance with the rules, the president of the Association of Markets, Trade and Services Enterprises Sergey Ponomarev said today at a roundtable.

He advised drivers of empty cars to cross the border in Chaldovar, where they are passed without problems. At the checkpoint Ak-Tilek empty cars are not allowed to pass out of turn by drivers themselves.

«The solution to the problem is not about Bishkek. These are political issues. It is necessary to bring together the order in smuggling. Customs officers of the five countries can conduct a check. Inside the union, goods must pass freely, without hassle. Business loves silence. But now we hear a political scream, — Sergey Ponomarev said. — When Kyrgyzstan talks about long traffic jams, and Kazakhstan claims that there are no traffic jams, it’s politics. Emerging problems are of a temporary nature. We’ll find a way out. The ЕEU will continue to develop.»

According to him, many Kyrgyz firms have not been accredited to work in the EEU. Entrepreneurs didn’t comply with the rules, so now the goods are being destroyed. «Of course, it was not worth destroying. The goods could be checked for compliance with quality and given to nursing homes,» Sergey Ponomarev said.