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Voter lists need to be improved

The Coalition For Democracy and Civil Society can not indicate the reasons why voters could not find themselves in the lists, but these data still indicate inaccuracies in the lists and the need to improve their quality. The public association’s information on preliminary data of monitoring during the voting in the presidential elections in Kyrgyzstan, which took place on October 15, says.

There were from one to five voters who did not find themselves in the lists at 29 percent of polling stations.

At 26 percent of the polling stations, the number of voters who did not find themselves in the lists was from 6 to 10. And at 7 percent of the stations, more than 10 citizens did not find themselves in the lists.

There were cases when people could not vote because of technical failures of equipment for the identification of voters at 2 percent of polling stations. At 6 percent of the stations, the district commissions replaced the automotive reading device in connection with the failures.

Cases when voters were allowed to vote without being identified were registered at less than at one per cent of the polling stations.

The presence of unauthorized persons who do not have the right to be inside the polling stations, agitation, and intimidation or pressure on voters took place in less than one percent of the polling stations.

Coalition observers did not record cases of voter bribery and cases where citizens were allowed to vote, despite the fact that they were not in the list. Observers freely monitored the voting process at all the sites. Serious violations that could affect the results of voting amounted to less than one percent of the polling stations.