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Expert explains leadership of Sooronbai Jeenbekov in presidential elections

Head of the Central Asia Department of the CIS Institute Andrey Grozin commented RT on preliminary results of the elections in Kyrgyzstan, according to which Sooronbai Jeenbekov, who was nominated by the ruling Social Democratic Party (SDPK), takes the leading position.

«He comes from the south, and regional affiliation is traditionally important for Kyrgyzstan, as the majority of voters live in the south. But in the north, it seems, he is also liked. Probably, due to the image of a laconic, strong business executive, who is not interested in any abstract ideological constructions, but is engaged in economy,» he said.

Andrey Grozin recalled that in his political career Jeenbekov occupied not only the post of prime minister of Kyrgyzstan, but also was the governor of Osh region. At the same time, the expert noted, he will have to become accustomed to the role of president in the international arena.

«He does not have much experience in foreign policy work. He does not have a wide circle of acquaintances like some other Kyrgyz elites in the post-Soviet space and on the international scene. It will be harder for him, he will have to learn. But there is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Presidential Administration of the republic, the office of advisers,» Andrey Grozin summed up.