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Kyrgyzstan ready to sell MegaCom to Elena Nagornaya without guarantee fee

Kyrgyzstan is ready to sell MegaCom company to Elena Nagornaya without a guarantee fee of $1 million. The head of the State Property Management Fund Bolsunbek Kazakov informed 24.kg news agency.

According to him, negotiations are ongoing. According to international practice, they can last from 3 to 6 months for such a large deal. Elena Nagornaya herself returned to Moscow. The contract was handed over to a major law firm in Switzerland for studying.

Moreover, Elena Nagornaya intends to insure the deal on MegaCom in Switzerland. «Under the terms of a direct sale, no guarantee fee is required. If there was an auction, then a fee is necessary. We and the representatives of Nagornaya are well aware of this. She is ready to pay the full cost after signing the contract,» Bolzunbek Kazakov explained.

Recall, members of the commission, in particular deputies of the Parliament, offered Elena Nagornaya to pay $ 1 million as a pledge guaranteeing the purchase of MegaCom.