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Officials react to statement of Turkish colleagues about “Sebat”

The Ministry of Education and Science of Kyrgyzstan regarded the statement of the Deputy Minister of Education of Turkey Orhan Erdem as a pressure on the authorities and the public of Kyrgyzstan and an attempt to discredit the educational institutions «Sapat,» the relevant department reported today.

Recall, Orhan Erdem during a visit to the province of Bursa said that Turkey will not allow enter its territory to students of the network of Kyrgyz schools «Sapat» («Sebat») connected with Fethullah Gulen.

«The network of secondary schools «Sapat» has been functioning in the KR since 1992 and over this period more than 10,000 of our citizens have received a decent education, including knowledge of the Turkish language and culture. They are an important link between the peoples of Kyrgyzstan and Turkey,» Kyrgyz officials reminded.

Placing Sapat schools on the same footing as terrorist organizations and imposing certain sanctions on students and members of their families only on the grounds that they are studying in Sapat schools are unacceptable and the statements of Turkish officials are irresponsible.

Ministry of Education and Science of the KR

The department notes that at present all schools of «Sapat» operate in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic in full compliance with the current legislation. The very relevant ministry is the co-founder of the network of general educational institutions «Sapat» and fully controls both the educational process and, in general, their activities.