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Participation in elections for Kyrgyz citizens abroad limited

Opportunities to participate in elections for Kyrgyz citizens abroad are limited. Constitutional rights are not fully implemented. This opinion was voiced at the regular meeting of the Council of Aksakals in Moscow (Russia).

Members of the Kyrgyz diaspora discussed the forthcoming presidential elections.

The diaspora decided to appeal to state bodies with a proposal to provide all possible assistance in compiling voter lists, campaigning for registration and collection of biometric data, participation in electoral processes, and conducting explanatory activities on elections.

Representatives of the diaspora also stated that they are unhappy with the adopted legislative acts prohibiting legal operations with various types of real estate for Kyrgyz citizens and ethnic Kyrgyz in their historical homeland. It is about the ban on appointing to state posts and levying a fine for the lack of temporary registration during the stay with relatives in their historical homeland. Members of the diaspora spoke about this earlier at a meeting with the Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev in Moscow in June 2017.