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Yakin Inkar organization recognized as extremist in Kyrgyzstan

The activity of the religious movement Yakin Inkar was recognized as extremist in Kyrgyzstan, it is also forbidden to deliver sermons. The Supreme Court of the Kyrgyz Republic reported.

It is specified that the decision was taken by Oktyabrsky District Court of the capital on June 15 on the appeal of the Prosecutor General’s Office. Earlier the muftiyat forbade it to preach among the population.

Yakin Inkar is a movement separated from the religious movement Tablighi Jamaat.

According to information from open sources, in February 2016 news agencies reported the spread of a new Islamic movement in Kyrgyzstan, whose followers, long-haired bearded people in traditional Pakistani clothes, do not recognize the results of technological progress and call on the Muslims to live as in the time of the Prophet Muhammad.

According to the media, the name of this religious group comes from the Arabic words «yakin» and «inkar» and means «denying everything except God.»

Members of the community walk and use only «what God sent." They do not have telephones and TV, they avoid photo and video shooting and do not take money in hands. And besides, they do not recognize any state institutions.

A new trend appeared in Kyrgyzstan several years ago and initially located in the north of the republic — in Issyk-Kul and Naryn regions. Now, its followers are calling on new people to join their ranks almost throughout the country.

Most of them are in Ak-Suu and Tyup districts of Issyk-Kul region, as well as in Karakol town. Yakin Inkar spreads rapidly through the republic with the help of dawah, that is, a sermon calling people to turn to faith.