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Turkey satisfied with change in constitutive personnel of Sebat

Turkey is satisfied with the change in the constitutive personnel of the international educational school Sebat (now Sapat — Note of 24.kg news agency), Turkish Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Metin Kılıç said today at a press conference.

Now the government of Kyrgyzstan bears responsibility for the school.

«We know that the Ministry of Education entered the constitutive personnel of Sapat schools. The government has an opportunity to influence and monitor the educational and upbringing processes of schools," Metin Kılıç said.

The Ambassador added that Turkey specially created an alternative to Sebat — the educational state fund Maarif.

«When we asked to close the schools of Fethullah Gülen, some governments said they didn’t know what to do with the students. Therefore, Turkey created Maarif, which can open modern schools in other countries," the Ambassador said.

According to him, the opening of educational institutions Maarif in Kyrgyzstan hasn’t yet been discussed, there was only a proposal from Turkey.

Recall, after the failed coup in 2016 in Turkey, in whose organization Fethullah Gülen was accused, the government of Recep Erdogan asked to close Sebat schools. They allegedly belong to the supporters of Gülen and preach his teaching. Kyrgyzstan refused to comply with Ankara's request. It was decided to rename schools in Sapat and re-register educational institutions.