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Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Russia to build schools in Kyrgyzstan

Minister of Education and Science Gulmira Kudaiberdieva told journalists today which countries are going to help Kyrgyzstan with the construction of schools.

«The Ministry has submitted 16 educational facilities for construction at the expense of the development fund of Saudi Arabia for the consideration to the Government. At present, the procedure for ratifying the agreement in the Parliament is underway," she said.

«In addition, the construction of a school in Osh is planned within cooperation with Uzbekistan. The government is now in the process of signing an agreement between our two countries," Gulmira Kudaiberdiyeva said.

«It is planned to build a school in Bishkek within cooperation with Russia. The City Hall now allocates a site for construction. And in the near future it is also planned to open a school at the expense of a Chinese grant in the capital. It will be put into operation already at the beginning of the new school year," Gulmira Kudaiberdieva summed up.