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Spring field work in Kyrgyzstan goes 20-25 days behind schedule

Spring field work in Kyrgyzstan goes 20–25 days behind schedule because of late spring. The Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation Nurbek Murashev said this at a government meeting today.

According to him, currently sowing of crops is being held. «We are reducing the acreage of wheat: changing directions, increasing the sowing of industrial crops (cotton and sugar beet). Change in weather affects the planting. There were a lot of precipitations. We propose using seeds that are resistant to weather changes," the head of the Ministry of Agriculture said.

Farmers don’t have enough financial resources, so they are forced to sow the massive seeds that are on sale. Unfortunately, domestic selection can’t give new sorts for our farmers. We are working on deliveries of quality seeds. There are no problems with the supply of agricultural producers with fuel and lubricants, fertilizers are imported, the area of ​​drip irrigation is increasing.

Nurbek Murashev