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Movement of goods in Eurasian space should be fastest

«The movement of goods in the Eurasian space should be the fastest, most convenient and easy," Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the international economic forum One Belt, One Road.

According to him, it is necessary to optimize transport corridors in order to create a new transport configuration of the Eurasian continent. Russia is ready for joint work in this direction. Also, the head of the Russian Federation stressed that it was important to fill the strategy of a large Eurasian partnership with concrete actions.

«We can set an ambitious goal to make the movement of goods in the Eurasian space the fastest, most convenient, and not burdensome. Of course, with the least administrative costs, it is easier and more efficient to work on the basis of the most advanced logistics technologies," Vladimir Putin said.

In this issue, he proposed to rely on the weighty equipment of the World Trade Organization (WTO). According to Vladimir Putin, Russia is ready not only to trade, but also to invest in the creation of joint ventures and new industries on the territory of partner countries, in the development of industrial assembly, marketing and services.

«It is important that entrepreneurs of our countries together to earn and together to achieve success, create competitive technological and production alliances. Russia sees the future of the Eurasian partnership not just in establishing new ties between states and economies, it must change the political and economic landscape of the continent, bring peace, stability, prosperity and a fundamentally new quality of life to Eurasia," Vladimir Putin concluded.