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Vladimir Putin calls all CIS countries potential targets of terrorist attacks

«All CIS countries are potential targets of terrorist attacks," President of Russia Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with heads of security agencies of CIS states. Interfax reported.

«We see that the situation, unfortunately, does not improve. And confirmation of this is the recent tragic event in St. Petersburg. People were killed by the terrorist attack, many people were injured," the Russian President said.

«We know that each of our countries, almost each, is a possible, potential target of terrorist attacks. There are many other threats to our countries," the head of state continued.

«This is organized crime, and drug trafficking. This is corruption, and the impact of external forces, which somehow, try to influence the development of domestic political situations in our countries," Vladimir Putin said.

«You have very complex tasks, diverse. And I am very pleased to note that cooperation has been established and is developing effectively," the Russian President believes.