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Terrorist attack in Moscow: 69 Kyrgyzstanis banned from entering Russia

At least 69 citizens of Kyrgyzstan were banned from entering Russia after the terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall concert hall in Moscow. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Almaz Imangaziev announced at a meeting of the parliamentary committee on international affairs, defense, security and migration.

He noted that since March 23, several Kyrgyzstanis have returned to their homeland from Moscow airports.

«Some were on the blacklist. Others arrived in Russia for the first time, but were expelled from the country without evidence. Russian security forces have the right not to let foreigners into the Russian Federation if their appearance does not inspire confidence,» Almaz Imangaziev said.

The deputy minister emphasized that the Kyrgyzstanis covered the flight costs themselves.

The terrorist attack was committed in Crocus City Hall on March 22. Thousands of people came to the concert of a music band. Four unknown men in camouflage, without masks, entered the building and began shooting people at point-blank range. After that they set fire to the hall. As a result of the terrorist attack, 143 people were killed and 360 more were injured. Nine suspects were arrested within the criminal case.