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Kyrgyzstan has to switch to e-document management as soon as possible

To neutralize the negative tendency after Kyrgyzstan’s accession to the Eurasian Economic Union, we need to switch to e-document management as soon as possible. The head of the Chamber of Tax Consultants Tatyana Kim announced today at «Integration processes within EEU» forum.

Tatyana Kim cited as a negative example the large flow of unaccounted goods through the Kyrgyz-Kazakh border. The volume of such products is large enough. As a result, physical volumes of goods' movement decreased, but the quantity of goods did not reduce.

«It works against local producers. Many industries are on the verge of collapse. Their economic situation has worsened. We are able to neutralize the problem, for example by introducing a ban on the export-import operations for those who work using license. It is necessary to accelerate the introduction of electronic invoicing," Tatyana Kim said.

«Practical assistance to entrepreneurs issue is poorly addressed. EEU tax law contains a clear list of documents that an entrepreneur is to submit to confirm export. There is an agreement on the electronic receipt of documents between Russia and Kazakhstan. Our entrepreneurs can not confirm their exports because STS does not accept electronic documents. We have no legal framework. And this problem can also be solved by our own," she added.