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Kazakhstani who created pyramid scheme in his homeland detained in Bishkek

A citizen of Kazakhstan, who was put on the wanted list in one of the CIS countries, was identified in Bishkek with the help of outdoor video surveillance cameras with facial recognition function. The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported.

The video surveillance system identified the man as a person wanted for creating and leading a pyramid scheme.

«In April 2021, affected investors filed a collective complaint with the police in Kazakhstan regarding the activities of three companies, calling them a pyramid scheme. These firms positioned themselves as successful organizations in the field of ultra-profitable investments. When detention of the leaders of this «project», simulating profitable investments, began, the man managed to escape. He is suspected of creating and managing a pyramid scheme,» the Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

The companies illegally attracted funds from investors in the amount of several billion tenge. In addition, in order to increase the flow of incoming funds, well-known bloggers were involved in the activities of the pyramid schemes.

The court sentenced two of them to five years in prison for activities in a pyramid scheme, the Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

The detainee was taken into custody.

Earlier, the ministry reported the detention of a Russian man wanted for serious crimes. He was also identified by cameras with facial recognition function.