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Qatar surgeons to perform operations to install cochlear implants for children

A group of surgeons from Qatar, led by Professor Abdulsalam Al Qahtani, will perform operations to install cochlear devices for children at the National Center for Maternal and Child Welfare in Bishkek. The press center of the Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan reported.

A memorandum was previously signed, under which the government of Qatar assumes all financial expenses, including the provision of cochlear implant systems, surgical operations, training of a surgeon and auxiliary medical staff of the National Center for Maternal and Child Welfare. It also pays for two years of rehabilitation for children after surgery.

«Together with ENT doctors from the National Center for Maternal and Child Welfare, it is planned to perform operations on about 50 children selected by a special commission. In total, it is planned to operate on 150 children per year within the framework of this program. At the same time, Kyrgyz doctors gain valuable experience. Earlier, an expensive microscope for such operations was transferred to the National Center,» the ministry said.

The essence of the operation is that the inner part of the implant is implanted into the inner ear for life. The outer part, the speech processor, needs to be replaced every five years.

The Ministry of Health noted that the operations will be performed at the National Center for Maternal and Child Welfare, as it has all the necessary equipment for diagnostics, surgical interventions and postoperative medical rehabilitation of children with hearing impairments.

In total, more than 120 children were operated on cochlear implantation at the center. «There are also children and adults who were operated on abroad, there are about 200 of them,» the ministry added.