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Businessman threatening investors with friends in high places detained

A businessman was detained in Bishkek for threatening investors with connections to high-ranking officials. Spokesman for the President Erbol Sultanbayev announced on Facebook.

According to him, Kyrgyzstan has been paying special attention to attracting investments for the last two and a half years. This work is under the personal control of the head of state, Sadyr Japarov, who always sets a strict requirement for all government bodies and relevant departments to create favorable conditions for the activities of investors in the country.

«Everyone knows that attracting direct investment to the republic is not easy. However, at the same time, unfortunately, there are cases when investors are not allowed to work quietly in the country.

For example, one unscrupulous citizen was detained. He is a businessman who, hiding behind connections with high-ranking officials, threatening investors with physical violence, extorted money from them on a particularly large scale,» Erbol Sultanbaev posted.

He noted that this information reached the president, and Sadyr Japarov ordered an investigation, as a result of which the citizen was detained and taken into custody. An investigation is underway.

«The head of state once again reminds that there are no «untouchables» in Kyrgyzstan. Anyone in the republic, who intimidates investors with high-level connections, interferes with their activities, uses investors for personal gain and demands illegal funds from them will be immediately detained.

Those who believe that they can mislead the president or think that he will not learn anything are greatly mistaken,» the spokesman added.

According to him, Sadyr Japarov regularly receives operational information from the State Committee for National Security, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other own sources. Currently, he has information about other people who are threatening investors and demanding money from them, citing their «high-ranking connections.»

«There are enough places in places of detention for those who want to realize their corrupt thoughts,» Erbol Sultanbaev concluded.