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Gasoline prices in Kyrgyzstan higher than in Russia

As of September 20, the average cost of gasoline in Kyrgyzstan is higher than in Russia. The State Agency for Antimonopoly Regulation provided such data.

Gasoline AI 92 costs 53.9 soms in the Russian Federation, and it is 3.6 soms more expensive — 57.5 soms — in Kyrgyzstan. AI 95 is sold at Russian gas stations for 59.6 soms, and in the Kyrgyz Republic — for 62 soms. Only diesel fuel is cheaper than in Russia — 51.7 soms. The average price for diesel fuel is 58.7 soms in the Russian Federation.

«Russia uses a damping mechanism that helps regulate the fuel market. If the export prices for gasoline and diesel fuel are higher than the conditional domestic prices, the state will compensate producers for a part of this difference. Otherwise, oil companies transfer the difference to the budget. Experts note that this helps to curb the rise in prices in the domestic market,» the state agency said.

Earlier, the Union of Oil Traders warned that an export customs duty of $19.3 per tonne is applied since September when making an order for gasoline from Russian oil refineries.