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Trial of detained Kyrgyzstanis to begin in Tajikistan this week

Court hearings in relation to four citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic detained in Zherge-Tal district due to violation of the migration legislation of Tajikistan will begin from July 16. The Foreign Affairs Ministry informed 24.kg news agency. It stressed that the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Dushanbe keeps the issue under control.

Relatives of the detained citizens reported that they still cannot contact them. «There should be a trial this week. We learn all this through one person who lives in Dushanbe. As far as we know, representatives of the embassy haven’t met with them yet,» relatives of the detainees told 24.kg news agency.

Four citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic were detained in Zherge-Tal district: Aibek Makhmudov, Abdulbos Nuridinov, Ibroim Murzamidinov, Khatambek Egemberdiev on April 10, 2021. They arrived in Tajikistan to visit their relatives. A week later they were transferred to a pre-trial detention center in Dushanbe city.