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Repeat elections: Voter turnout reaches 25.22 percent as of 18.00

Voter turnout in the repeat elections of deputies of City Councils in Bishkek, Osh and Tokmak reached 25.22 percent as of 18.00. The Central Election Commission of Kyrgyzstan reported.

At least 155,707 people came to the polling stations. At the same time, 85,411 people, or 20.02 percent of voters, made their choice in Bishkek, in Osh — 56,610 people, or 37.07 percent, and 13,686 voters, or 35.92 percent, in Tokmak city.

The total turnout in the repeat local elections as of 18.00 turned out to be lower than the April one. Then, 28.89 percent of voters came to the polling stations two hours before the end of voting. At the same time, the turnout in Tokmak city is higher than in the spring. It is practically the same in Osh city, but it is almost 5 percent lower in Bishkek.

At least 26 political parties participate in the repeat elections of deputies of three city councils, which in total have nominated 2,204 candidates. They are running for 121 seats.