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Kyrgyzstan develops mobile application for pastures monitoring

A mobile application for monitoring of pastures has been developed in Kyrgyzstan. The project «Conservation of biodiversity and reduction of poverty with involvement of local communities in management of walnut forests and pastures» reports.

Using the app, you can collect detailed and relevant information on the productivity and composition of the vegetation cover of rangelands. Pasture Monitoring in Kyrgyz, Russian and English can already be installed on a mobile device.

The application is oriented for use in Kyrgyzstan, but in the future it can be adapted to the conditions of other Central Asian countries. It is easy to navigate in the Pasture Monitoring app, because it provides photographs of plants, trees, general characteristics of soil types for an accurate assessment.

Data can be seen in graphs, and results can be displayed by region, district, area, and by season and year.

The application is being tested on the territory of the forestry enterprises of Aksy and Bazar-Korgon districts. Aksy, Arkyt and Avletim forestry staff of Aksy district and representatives of local pasture committees were trained in the use of the service. Representatives of forestry enterprises of Bazar-Korgon district were handed over tablets.