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Kyrgyzstan to become largest exporter of education in Central Asia

Deputy Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Zhyldyz Bakashova said the time has come to make Kyrgyzstan the largest exporter of education and skilled labor in Central Asia. She stated it at a visiting meeting to discuss the roadmap for a new conceptual model of development of the educational process «University 4.0».

The meeting was held at the Iskhak Razzakov Kyrgyz State Technical University with participation of rectors and representatives of state and non-state higher education institutions of the republic.

Zhyldyz Bakashova got acquainted with the activities of educational laboratories for 3D modeling, digital production, and also visited an exhibition organized by university students.

In her presentation, she noted that it was high time to switch to a different system of organizing the educational process, and added that «University 4.0» model is fully consistent with global trends in the development of higher education.

The fourth generation university is the engine of the market, the guarantee of economic growth, the basis of a viable economy.

Zhyldyz Bakashova

She added that the modern education system is unable to meet the challenges posed by the rapid development of the information society.

«Industry 4.0 requires revision of paradigms of the educational process. A modern university should be engaged in creation of commercialized intellectual property, actively create technologies and technology companies, be a leader and center for creation of new technological industries by partners of universities and take into account their interests,» the Deputy Chairwoman of the Cabinet of Ministers said.

According to her, the most important feature of the presented model is its practical significance. «We all know that the modern education system in the Kyrgyz Republic cannot cope with the challenges of rapid development of the information society. So far, a huge variety of concepts have been developed, but many of them have remained on paper. We must make every effort to ensure that this concept is first of all implemented in practice,» Zhyldyz Bakashova said.

In accordance with the presidential decree on Spiritual and moral development and physical education of the individual, all state and non-state educational institutions must develop a development strategy.

«As practice shows, diplomas have become a mass commodity, which are losing their importance from day to day. The time has come to make Kyrgyzstan the largest exporter of education and qualified personnel in Central Asia,» Zhyldyz Bakashova stressed.

The university representatives agreed that reforms in the educational system are necessary. But for this it is necessary to revise the system of licensing of universities, consider the possibility of introducing new specialties that will be in demand on the labor market, improve interaction of universities with state bodies, and etc.

Zhyldyz Bakashova promised that all the proposals and comments voiced at this meeting would be taken into account, and urged representatives of universities to unite for a common goal — a qualitative transformation of the educational process in the country.