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New project to develop green agriculture kicks off in Kyrgyzstan

A new grant project entitled «Support to Development of a Green Agriculture by Local Communities» has been launched in Kyrgyzstan with the financial support of the European Union. Press service of the EU Delegation to the Kyrgyz Republic reports.

The project aims to contribute to the climate change mitigation through the development of an agricultural value chain that respects biodiversity, allows to adapt the production to environmental challenges, increases productivity, and fosters the creation of social and locally based agro-enterprises.

The project has a total budget of 1.1 milion euros with the EU contribution totaling to 989.000 euros. Project’s duration is from December 2020 until June 2023.

The target group of the project will be young farmers mobilized in local production groups «Birlik».

The main beneficiaries of the project are young families, young farmers and women groups whose main occupation is small production with traditional farming systems that have little value added and where intermediaries take up most of it.

One of the main outcomes will be the increased capacities of targeted local rural communities and small farmers by promoting an inclusive and sustainable growth and creating new business models. In addition, new job opportunities will be created for young agricultural entrepreneurs, especially young farmers and young women.

«Another important output will be a small Grants Programme which will be launched to support 14 farmer groups, during which farmers from 7 regions will be equipped with skills on medicinal herbs plant cultivation and energy saving,» the EU Delegation says.