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Unknown men kidnap citizen of China in Kant town

Officers of the 3rd Department of the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime detained suspects who abducted a Chinese citizen, beat him and extorted money. Press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kyrgyzstan reported.

«On the evening of February 19, 5-6 unknown persons forcibly put the foreign citizen in a white car in Kant town and took him in the direction of Kara-Balta city.

The offenders brought the foreigner into the field to one of the cemeteries. Threatening with a knife and beating the victim, they began to extort money. They demanded to pay them $ 5,100. In the morning, they brought him back, threw out, and fled, taking 5,000 soms from the victim. Before letting the victim go, the robbers ordered to prepare more money,» the ministry’s press service informed.

An interesting detail emerged during the investigation — his compatriots temporarily living in Bishkek were involved in the robbery and extortion of money from the Chinese citizen.

 «Investigators detained the suspects on February 22 at 20.30 on one of the streets of Bishkek while receiving part of the extorted money — $ 1,000. One of the detainees is 35 years old, the second is 27,» the Interior Ministry said.

By a court decision, both detained foreigners were placed in a pre-trial detention center for two months. Search for their accomplices is underway.