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Chief Pulmonologist tells why people died during first wave of COVID-19

Rallies against medical workers are a special order, and this will not lead to anything good. Talantbek Sooronbaev, Professor, Chief Pulmonologist of the Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan, told at a press conference. According to him, the authorities want to give a runaround and denigrate the medical workers.

«It was necessary to organize a dialogue, invite and talk with the relatives of the victims. We had to explain to them as professionals, not as amateurs. The patients died not because there was not enough Clexane. The patients died because there was no oxygen, there were no conditions in hospitals. We are not responsible for hospital conditions or oxygen,» he said.

Talantbek Sooronbaev noted that they are accused of the fact that the main specialists of the Ministry of Health fled during the outbreak of infection.

«We all worked in the red zones. We got sick. Therefore, the accusations are unfounded. They want to equate us with officials, stage rallies against us. We just want them to give reliable information, and we want to protect our honor,» the Chief Pulmonologist said.

The interdepartmental working commission pointed out errors and poor-quality work of government agencies in countering the first wave of COVID-19.

Relatives of those who died from coronavirus and community-acquired pneumonia held rally in Bishkek today.