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Japarov: Parliamentary elections will be held in May in Kyrgyzstan

Presidential candidate Sadyr Japarov announced today that he was ready to consolidate all political forces. «If any of the politicians does not want to join this union, that’s their affair,» he added.

The candidate said that parliamentary elections would take place in May.

«We will live for about two months according to the current Constitution until a new one is adopted. The form of government will change after that. It also introduces the Kurultai institute, which will be able to submit its proposals. A balance will be preserved between the branches of government,» he said.

Sadyr Japarov said that after the constitutional reform, amendments would be made to the laws regulating the judicial system, the Parliament.

Snap presidential elections and plebiscite on form of government were held in the republic yesterday.

According to preliminary data from the automatically reading ballot boxes, the leader of the presidential race is Sadyr Japarov. His result is 79.2 percent of votes. At least 81.22 percent of citizens voted for the presidential form of government.

Information is updated in real time. The results will be summed up no later than 20 days from the day of voting.