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Sadyr Japarov signs law on land transformation

Before resignation as the acting President of Kyrgyzstan, Sadyr Japarov signed the Law on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts in the Sphere of Land Use (Laws on Imposing Moratorium on Transfer (Transformation) of Irrigated Arable Lands to Other Categories of Lands and Types of Lands, on Transfer (Transformation) of Land Plots, Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic). The Information Policy Department of the Executive Office of the President reports.

The document was adopted by the Parliament on November 4.

The law provides for solution of issues raised by citizens who illegally built residential houses on irrigated arable land.

In addition, it makes it possible to transfer (transform) irrigated arable land that is unsuitable for use in agricultural production or that have state acts on the private property right.

It also provides for punishment for unauthorized construction on agricultural land in violation of the intended purpose.

Relevant amendments are also being made to the Laws on Imposing Moratorium on Transfer (Transformation) of Irrigated Arable Land to Other Categories of Land and Types of Land, on Transfer (Transformation) of Land Plots and the Criminal Code.

The law comes into force ten days after the date of its official publication.