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Kyrgyz activists sound alarm: We are inches away from the civil war

«The situation is dire. We are inches away from the civil war,» Cholpon Dzhakupova, head of Adilet Legal Clinic, said at an emergency civil forum today.

According to her, no one expected the power to be overthrown so quickly. There is no single team. The situation of fragmentation and disunity in politics is much deeper than it seems.

«There are those who want to restore the presidential system in one camp. They will go through a referendum and constitutional change. The second group speaks of the need to weaken the institute of the president and strengthen the Parliament.

«But there is no unity in the second group either. Our interest as representatives of civil society is only in one thing — legitimization of some structures as soon as possible, in order the country not to lose controllability. In such a situation, our role is to ensure safety. In our statements, we should not touch the military and the Ministry of Health. They have to work,» Cholpon Dzhakupova said.