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Akylbek Japarov reminds about intention to create ChatGPT in Kyrgyz language

«This year we will update our supercomputers with the latest line of NVidia and on the basis of their language corpus we will be able to create a Kyrgyz analogue of ChatGPT room,» the Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Akylbek Japarov said at Digital Kyrgyzstan Forum.

According to him, the Cabinet of Ministers is open for joint work with the IT community in this direction. The official considers it extremely important to create a language corpus of the Kyrgyz language. Digitization of a large volume of data in the Kyrgyz language is necessary.

«I believe that this is a task not only for the government, but also for every citizen. Therefore, we will attract volunteers for this work and are open to initiatives from the business. In addition, a center for innovative technologies will be established to develop and introduce them. It will be a non-governmental institution, funded through government subsidies, programs and sponsors’ assistance. I believe that these steps will help us further advance the development of Kyrgyz artificial intelligence. Our government agencies and businesses will jointly apply this technology for our citizens,» Akylbek Japarov said.

The head of the Cabinet of Ministers also emphasized that information technology plays a key role in many aspects in the digital economy, including in the processes of storing and processing personal data, interaction with customers and government systems.

«I am very interested in the possibilities of artificial intelligence in our country. I feel the popular among human rights activists notion of «digital inequality» through Siri and Alice’s lack of Kyrgyz language. Last year, a supercomputer was purchased at the expense of the budget to train artificial intelligence in the Kyrgyz language. It made it possible to take the first steps in recognizing Kyrgyz speech. Already now a digital announcer reads the news on state radio channels. But we still have many tasks ahead of us if we want to keep up with the times,» he concluded.

Earlier, the head of the Cabinet of Ministers announced that one of the developers of ChatGPT will come to Kyrgyzstan.