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Restrictions on entry into Uzbekistan from Kyrgyzstan lifted

Restrictions on the entry and exit of cars through checkpoints between Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan have been lifted on September 1. The Uzbek media reported with reference to the decision of the special Republican Commission for Combatting Coronavirus.

It is noted that the sanitary and hygienic requirements must be strictly observed. The order of entry and exit has also been determined. Thus, persons who have stayed in Kyrgyzstan for the last 14 days or who have a certificate of a negative result of a PCR test for coronavirus issued within the last 72 hours are not subject to quarantine control when entering Uzbekistan.

Citizens of Uzbekistan who have left for Kyrgyzstan and staying only in the territory of this country are not subject to quarantine control upon their return to the republic.

«In all other cases, persons entering Uzbekistan are subject to quarantine control in accordance with the established procedure,» the message says.