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Parents admit they beat children for restlessness during online lessons

Almost 65 percent of the parents surveyed in Kyrgyzstan have admitted that they had to take their anger out on their child during distance learning this spring. Such data were obtained during a survey conducted in June.

According to the report, 29.5 percent of respondents gave negative answer. There were also such responses as «many times», «sometimes», «extremely rare», «occasionally.»

«Education, which is accompanied by psychological turmoil and negative environment, becomes an undesirable process. This is confirmed by 66.5 percent of the answers that the child had no desire and refused to do homework. In the long term, this can lead to complete rejection and apathy towards education,» the study says.

«During the online learning period (from March 2020), there was an increase in such emotions as anger, anxiety, annoyance and frustration. There were more frequent calls to hotlines, to psychologists from parents with the question how to motivate children for online education,» the authors of the document note.

Some parents admitted that they could not cope and sometimes beat and scolded their children for not completing their homework, restlessness during online classes.

The respondents were parents of school-age children. In total, 1,192 parents from various regions of Kyrgyzstan have participated in the survey. The research «Distance education: know-how or death to education» was conducted by the initiative group of Lawyers for Human Rights Public Foundation.

Recall, the fourth quarter of the school year has passed online in schools of Kyrgyzstan due to the outbreak of coronavirus.