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Third wave of COVID-19: 14 Bishkek schools switch to online education

At least 14 schools in Bishkek switched to online education. Press service of the City Hall reported.

Epidemiological situation in the capital remains tense; the number of registered cases of coronavirus reached 138 over the past day.

Schools No. 24, 70, 67, 35, 12, 11, 65, 26, 63, 17, 64, 88, 62, 61 are currently closed.

Two kindergartens, No. 12 and No. 112, are also quarantined.

In addition, 18 classes in 24 schools, where cases of COVID-19 were previously registered, switched to distance learning.

«Full switch to distance learning depends on the number of contacts with the infected child or teacher; the final decision is made by the epidemiologists of the Center for Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance. We earnestly ask each of you to comply with sanitary standards: wear masks, improve personal hygiene, systematically treat your hands with an antiseptic, and most importantly, limit your visits to public places, keep distance,» the City Hall urges.