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Over 80 percent of parents in Kyrgyzstan dissatisfied with distance learning

At least 81.2 percent of parents and children in Kyrgyzstan are dissatisfied with the results of distance learning. These data were obtained during a survey conducted in June 2020.

According to the report, 72.7 percent of the respondents were informed about the conditions for online classes, while 25.3 percent were not. They had to search for all the information on their own. At the same time, 55.5 percent of parents answered that they and their children did not understand the educational materials, while 33.4 percent said that they were clear. The remaining percentages are different answers.

The mass switch to online education for all students across the country in a short time is an unprecedented case for all participants of the educational process, which is clearly a stress factor.


During the survey, Kyrgyzstanis were also asked how much time they spent on homework. According to the results, 38.4 percent of parents spent 1-3 hours on their children, 33.2 percent — 3-6 hours, 19.5 percent — 6 or more hours. There were also answers: «the children did it on their own» or «the whole day».

The authors of the document noted that the Ministry of Education is doing poor work in terms of assessing the psychological impact of distance learning on children.

The respondents were parents of school-age children. In total, 1,192 parents from various regions of Kyrgyzstan have participated in the survey. The research «Distance education: know-how or death to education» was conducted by the initiative group of Lawyers for Human Rights Public Foundation.

Recall, the fourth quarter of the school year has passed online in schools of Kyrgyzstan due to the outbreak of coronavirus.