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Night hospitals to be opened in Bishkek

Day patient centers of the City Hall work in intensive mode in Bishkek. Residents of the city receive medical consultations, intravenous infusions and injections there from 08.00 to 20.00.

Over 23,819 city residents have turned to the centers for nine days of their work in Bishkek. At least 17,890 of them received intravenous infusions and injections, 5,781 received medical consultations, 139 were hospitalized, nine died.

The City Hall noted that the queues at the day patient centers are already much shorter, the townspeople began to recover. According to statistics, the newly opened centers are loaded least of all:

  • At the school No. 81 in Ak Bosogo housing estate (40 beds);
  • At Seitek school on 1/10, Ankara Street (50 places);
  • At school No. 94 on Dordoi-13 Street, 487/4 (50 places);
  • At school No. 68 on Toktogul Street, 220 (30 places);
  • At school No. 38 in Alamedin-1 microdistrict (50 places).

It is planned to open night hospitals in each district of the city.

Sanitary units are being prepared at the premises of DSK sports complex in microdistrict No. 7 (97 beds), and businessmen allocated premises for free at Consul restaurant.

The beds have already been prepared, panel screens and medical poles are being made, medical staff is being recruited, conditions for safe work of doctors (personal protective equipment, accommodation, hot meals) are being arranged.

Recall, the Bishkek City Hall invites doctors, nurses, hospital attendants to work, the conditions can be found on the City Hall’s website.