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Two members of Triathlon Federation of Kyrgyzstan killed in traffic accident

Members of the Triathlon Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic, athletes Evgeny Trebunsky and Ilya Sidorov, died in a traffic accident on the road to Manas airport. Representatives of the Federation posted on social media.

According to them, the athletes went on a bike training along the road to Manas airport. «A drunk driver hit them at a high speed, as a result, Ilya Sidorov died at the scene, and Evgeny Trebunsky died in an ambulance on the way to hospital,» the message says.

As noted, the both athletes had been professionally engaged in cycling in the past, were winners of many competitions during the Soviet era, and after — of the independent Kyrgyzstan. Ilya Sidorov is a Master of Sports of the USSR, Evgeny Trebunsky — Master of Sports of the Kyrgyz Republic.

«Evgeny Trebunsky was at the origins of the founding of the Triathlon Federation, he always helped with advice, deed: he was not only a participant of the sports events, but also helped in organizing and refereeing the competitions. In 2018, he took the 2nd place as a member of the team at the Duathlon Championship of Kyrgyzstan. Ilya Sidorov was a member of the Federation and took part in the Indoor Triathlon winter series,» the message says.

The athletes actively trained, despite the current situation in the country and the world, and set an example not only for amateurs, but also for the younger generation of professional triathletes.

Evgeny Trebunsky was 44 years old, Ilya Sidorov — 46.