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Suspect in murder of crime boss Limonti placed in detention center

Suspect in murder of a crime boss Almazbek Sulaimanov, nicknamed Limonti, was placed in the pretrial detention center-1. Law enforcement agencies informed 24.kg news agency.

The case is being investigated by the Investigation Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Talgat Shamiev was convoyed from Naryn to Bishkek immediately after investigative actions at the scene.

The crime boss was killed on March 28 in Naryn. According to preliminary data, the crime was committed out of revenge. It is known that Almazbek Sulaimanov brutally killed a member of an organized crime group Imash Shamiev in 1998. His son avenged for his father, having stabbed Limonti several times. Then he brought his body to the police and surrendered.