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Issue of drivers in Iran resolved, they return to Kyrgyzstan

Issue of freight forwarders from Kyrgyzstan stuck in Iran due to coronavirus pandemic and border closure has been resolved, they are returning to their homeland. Press service of the Government reported.

For more than two weeks, 60 truck drivers could not return to the Kyrgyz Republic, they remained in Iran due to closure of borders by Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.

«Currently, 21 out of 60 drivers are located on the territory of the Russian Federation, they are heading towards the Russian-Kazakh border, to Karaozek checkpoint. 10 vehicles are awaiting passage through Samur checkpoint on the border of Azerbaijan with Russia. At least 25 vehicles are sent to Kyrgyzstan through the territory of Kazakhstan. Another driver is quarantined after crossing the border of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the Russian Federation, as he is a citizen of Kazakhstan,» the statement says.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic notes that this issue is under special control, and constant communication is maintained with the drivers.

Recall, Kyrgyz drivers, who got stuck in Iran, asked to expedite resolution of the issue of their return to their homeland, since they did not have money for either diesel fuel or food, and they could not receive money transfers there.