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At least 303 people under coronavirus observation in Kyrgyzstan

A pandemic is not a reason to panic, the Minister of Health of Kyrgyzstan Kosmosbek Cholponbaev believes.

«Yesterday, the WHO Director announced the coronavirus situation in the world a pandemic. I would like to clarify the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic. In the first case, the spread of the disease is at the regional level, in the second — at the global level. This means that all countries must take measures to prevent the spread of the disease,» he said at a press conference.

According to him, all measures to prevent penetration and spread of coronavirus in Kyrgyzstan are being fully implemented. The Ministry of Health has opened another, the 23rd sanitary quarantine point in Bor-Dobo area in Alai region, since there are some tourist routes. In addition, changes were made to the classification of countries yesterday, which have an unfavorable coronavirus situation.

The minister added that 1,602 beds were set up, including 502 in hospitals, for the observation of arrivals.

At least 303 people are under medical observation in Kyrgyzstan.

«In addition, we monitored the infection service. If cases of coronavirus are detected, we have 311 beds reserved. They are mainly located in Bishkek. The Republican Infectious Diseases Hospital will be a coordination center, there are isolators, intensive care units, the same are in the Osh Regional Hospital. Intensive care wards will be opened in each Regional Combined Hospital,» he said.