USD 84.79
EUR 100.88
RUB 1.10

Buy rate of Russian ruble falls below som’s rate

The foreign exchange market of Kyrgyzstan has responded to the fall of the Russian ruble. Its buy rate turned out to be lower than the som’s rate today.

Exchange offices of the capital and commercial banks buy the Russian currency for 0.93-0,965 soms. This is almost 10 tyiyns less than two days ago. Then the ruble buy rate was 1,027-1.03 soms. The selling rate of the Russian currency also fell to 1.02-1.04 soms.

The official rate of the National Bank is 1,0345 soms (a drop of 1.98 percent).

U.S. dollar and euro rates to som have not changed — 69.8-69.9 and 79.4-80.5. The nominal exchange rate of these currencies is 69.85 and 78,7349 soms, respectively.

The dollar and the euro rates soared amid falling oil prices in Russia.