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Kanybek Kalmurzaev: There is no point in transferring Manas to investors

«As of today, there is no need to transfer Manas airport to external management,» Kanybek Kalmurzaev, Chairman of the Trade Union of Aviation Workers of Kyrgyzstan, stated to 24.kg news agency.

According to him, there has already been a similar proposal six or seven years ago. But then the public categorically opposed the idea, and it was abandoned. The specialist does not see the need to return to this issue now.

«This is not a good thing. Airports are profitable, bring dividends to shareholders, work smoothly, and have equipment meeting international standard. The staff there is competent, trained, they have international certificates,» Kanybek Kalmurzaev said.

I don’t know whose idea this is, but it’s better not to do it. We will not receive benefits. Why should we give profitable enterprises in someone else’s hands?

Kanybek Kalmurzaev

«This is tantamount to the issue of MegaCom sale. This is generally the wrong position of the government. On the contrary, it is necessary to support domestic companies. Airlines are currently working to attract aircraft to domestic airlines. They are going to fly, for example, to Batken, Kazarman. When they are talking about external management, the question is mainly about Manas and Osh airports. They say, of course, that at the same time small airports will also be modernized. But will they really be? And large airports are almost ready, meet the standards. Yes, it is possible that something needs to be improved, but such funds are not needed there to attract external management. Our managers can cope themselves,» the specialist said.