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Tolonbek Abdyrov: Transfer of Manas to external management is good idea

«I look positively at the idea of ​​transferring Manas airport to external management. If the state succeeds, it will be good,» an economist Tolonbek Abdyrov said to 24.kg news agency.

He noted that he understood the fears in society. Many knowingly wonder why should we transfer the facility which already makes a profit to ф investor. However, the expert suggests looking at the situation from the other side.

«There are many hubs in the world that bring millions of dollars of revenue to the state. For example, airports in Istanbul, Baku, Almaty are also being built now. This is a good indicator when airports are profitable. Yes, we have an airport, it makes a profit, but we have opportunity to expand it. Huge money is needed for this,» Tolonbek Abdyrov stressed.

Everything needs to be done in order international planes to land in our country.

Tolonbek Abdyrov

«About 200,000 people land per day in Istanbul. Kyrgyzstan can also be made a transit hub. We are in the very center of Asia. It will be possible to organize flights through us. This will be cheaper. Whether an investor will come to us for this project is another question. After all, any business wants a guarantee that the company will work without problems. Plus, courts must make quality decisions. And we take the 120th place in the Global Competitiveness Index, the 130th place in the protection of intellectual property, and the 90th place in the independence of the judiciary. These are negative indicators that deter investors,» the expert said.