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Kyrgyzstan to introduce electronic passports of vehicles

Kyrgyzstan is preparing to introduce electronic passports of vehicles. The State Registration Service of the country reported.

From November 1, 2020, the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union should switch to a unified system of vehicle e-passports. The national operator of the electronic passport system of the Kyrgyz Republic is Infocom state-owned enterprise at the State Registration Service.

«E-passport of a vehicle is an entry in a database, which contains all the information about the vehicle: its brand, model, color, year of manufacture, engine size, power, body number, chassis, vin — about 100 points about the vehicle in total. The document is valid in the EAEU states — Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan,» the statement says.

The state service notes that the introduction of electronic passports for vehicles will simplify the mutual movement of vehicles and the procedure for their registration on the territory of all EAEU countries. In addition, the availability of detailed information about the vehicle will make the process of sale or purchase of a vehicle more secure. The e-passport contains information about the presence of restrictions / burdens, and the history of the vehicle can be tracked.

The e-passports of vehicles has been issued in Russia since November 2019 by manufacturers, citizens are issued an extract from the system.

The State Registration System is introducing the necessary changes in the regulatory legal acts regarding the initial registration of vehicles arriving from the EAEU states in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic on the basis of an extract from the electronic passport system.