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Russian military aircraft to participate in Victory Parade in Bishkek

For the first time in five years, Russian military aviation will participate in the Victory Parade in Bishkek. Website of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation says.

Deputy Commander of the Central Military District, Lieutenant General Yevgeny Poplavsky reported about participation of the crews of aircraft and helicopters of the Kant airbase.

According to him, Mi-8AMTSh Terminator helicopters and Su-25 attack aircraft will be involved in the parade.

Russian troops of Kant airbase last time participated in the military parade in Kyrgyzstan in 2015.

«Then a color group with the state flag of Russia and the combat banner of the unit, as well as a parade crew of 64 Russian military marched in the center of Bishkek. The airborne part of the parade was provided by four Su-25SM attack aircraft and a Mi-8 helicopter,» the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced beginning of rearmament of the Russian military base Kant in Kyrgyzstan. The latest modernized Su-25CM3 attack aircraft, which have received an unofficial name Supergrach, will be delivered to the airbase.

In addition, a bilateral protocol has been approved that will allow to include drones into the military base.