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Domestic violence: Jealous husband hits, drags his wife from car

Husband dragged his wife from a car for staying too long in a bathhouse in Osh city. Law enforcement agencies informed 24.kg news agency.

The victim is reportedly in the Osh City Hospital at the moment.

«It is known that the woman had already suffered from domestic violence. They divorced, but after a while, they began to live together again. On the day of the incident, the woman stayed long in a bathhouse. She met with her husband, who first hit her by a car, and then, holding her hand, dragged her several meters from the vehicle,» the police said.

The Internal Affairs Department of the southern capital confirmed the fact of domestic violence to 24.kg news agency. According to the department, the city hospital informed the police about the patient with bodily injuries.

«According to the victim, the husband made it out of jealousy. The fact was registered. According to preliminary data, domestic violence occurred on February 16 at approximately 19.00. Forensic medical examination was commissioned. The victim and her husband live in Kara-Suu district, but the case occurred in Osh city. Details will be provided later,» the Internal Affairs Department commented.